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Annie and Brian

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Once upon a time

Annie and Brian met soon after Brian relocated to Oregon from Wisconsin in 2011. Their first brief hello was at the Weird Bar in Portland, and yes it was weird! A few months later they found each other in Eugene at the Dirty Dash! A grueling 5K with muddy obstacles and a pit stop for beer at each mile!

Annie was smitten and slid into his DM's. She made up some story about her "mountain bike," mind you she had a hybrid of some sort that was in no way suitable for any kind of mountain terrain. None the less, Brian kept the conversation going and plans were made for a first date.

Brian took her to Lapella where they ordered 2 bottles of Malbec and connected on a deeper level. Halfway through the second bottle they realized they were late for a concert in the park, so they corked the bottle to go. As they walked to Brian's truck he heard clink*clink*clink* and Annie just smiled and flashed her infamous smirk. He realized that she took the wine glasses from the restaurant with the 1/2 drank bottle of wine! She said she got permission, but the jury is still out on that one.

One date led into many many more dates! Soon after they started dating Brian took her to coffee and before they went their separate ways, he gave her a kiss and told her he loved her! In 2013 they moved into their first apartment together. This is when most of Brian's household items were packed away into a box labeled "Cabin." They needed more space and found a rental home in Hazel Dell in 2014. They didn't know it then, but this is where they made lifelong friends and had the best time with their neighbors. In 2015, A lunchtime break-in landed them in Washougal as homeowners.

They spent the next few years on home projects, landscaping, golfing, visiting wineries and grew their relationship even more. In 2017 they took a drive up the Washougal River Road to scope out some land. After months of back and forth and do we don't we they decided to sell their home, buy the land, live in a trailer and build a home! Their loving black lab Mercedes had the time of her life up there swimming in the pond and making friends with the local deer. Annie and Brian are forever thankful to have Mercedes live out her life on the hill. They now have 4 goaties Leo, Maggie, Poppie and Lillie who fill their lives with so much joy!

Last Summer, Annie and Brian took her parents Larry and Jan to Wisconsin! They ate cheese curds, visited Lambeau Field and golfed their days away. July 11th, 2022 was an especially memorial day of golf. They were at Royal St. Patricks' and just finished up a round of golf when Brian said "hey let's play the 19th hole for beers!" The 19th hole is a small par 3 and the bet was whoever got on and made par didn't have to buy drinks!
Todd and Annie were the only ones who made it on and had a put off. Annie sunk the put that won the day and the rest of her life! Brian came over as usual and picked up Annie's ball from the she turned around to get it from him he was on a knee, ring and ball in hand asking if she would marry him! It was a beautiful day celebrated with their friends and family!

Annie and Brian have spent a decade together and are excited to spend the rest of their lives as husband and wife!!